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So, the sweetheart jamanddogtags followed me today, which entirely reminded me that I NEVER put up the pictures of the stuff that I got from the craft swap. Now I feel like a horrible person for not uploading it!

Anyway, I love everything that I got, and I feel bad, because my stuff doesn’t even compare, haha. BUT YANNO. I lack the creative abilities of most.

Like I said, I love everything that I got.

I got this awesomely badass notebook! It has little snippets of pictures and art and stuff (it’s currently my summer journal, which is documenting all of my summer. :D I also got some candy, tea, soap, nail polish (which were all marked as evidence…haha)..I got these cute lil’ buttons which are on my bag, and some stickers! I have yet to figure out what I’m doing with the Sherlocked and Sherlock ones…but the Union Flag heart is on the back of my laptop :)

And a SHERLOCK SCARF OMGGG. I can’t wait to wear it!

Also a magnifying glass (which is a blast to use!), and a cute lil box with pencils and and IOU eraser and esogndfon

I adore the “Suddenly, I’m Mr. Sex” pin that I got. It has a little test tube vial, crown, IOU apple…it’s adorable. My camera won’t focus on it for some reason. >:T

Anyway, I loved the swap, and I’d love to do it again, but I’ll try even harder! :D

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